Dried Fruit Sector Will Reach New Markets Within Its Export Objectives For 2023

Dried Fruit Promotion Group (KMTG) made its first promotion activity in 2016 by organizing the Turkish Export Products Fair in Turkmenistan’s capital Ashgabat, in the framework of its activities to increase the promotion abroad and Turkish exports of seedless raisins, dried figs, dried apricots and pistachios, as Turkey is the world leader in terms of production and export of these products.

Osman Öz, Chairman of  Dried Fruit Promotion Group, explained that the Promotion Group was participating for the second time to the Turkish Export Products Fair, held for the 7th time in Turkmenistan between 9 and 11 February 2016  and observed that there was a great interest from Turkmen people for Turkish dried fruit and that they aimed to spread Turkish exports to Turkic Republics through Turkmenistan.

Mr.  Öz pointed that Turkish dried fruit came to the fore thanks to their quality at the Turkish Export Products Fair, which undertook a very important mission for Turkish companies in the access of Turkmenistan market. He said: “ Uzbek goods earn the lion share in Turkmenistan market, but these products are not in conformity with standards and grimy. Our products  are of  better quality with no point of comparison and  moreover, Ashgabat's largest shopping center is operated by a Turkish company. Dried fruit from our country takes place on the shelves of this shopping center stores. Our goal is to strengthen our position in the market of Turkmenistan”.

He pointed out that the objective of dried fruit sector was of 3 billion US dollars exports in 2023 and added : “To reach our goal of 3 billion dollars of exports in 2023, we need to increase our current exports by two-fold. To achieve this objective, we need new markets.  As ambassador for the promotion of Turkish dried fruit industry, KMTG has participated to Turkish Export Products Fair in Turkmenistan in order to reach new markets apart from European Union countries, which already constitute our main export market, so that to achieve the said goal. We want to increase our exports towards Turkic Republics through Turkmenistan."

The most exported product to Turkmenistan is pistachio

Among the products entering in the field of activity of Dried Fruit Promotion Group, pistachio is the product most exported to Turkmenistan. In 2015, Turkey exported pistachio for a value of 1 million 423 thousand US dollars, followed by seedless raisins. An export of seedless raisins of a value of 430 thousand dollars was registered in 2015. Dried apricot exports raised 304 thousand dollars while dried fig exports were realized for a value of 230 thousand dollars. Turkish total exports of dried fruit and finished goods in Turkmenistan reached 2 684 000 US dollars.

During the first day of Turkish Export Products Fair in Turkmenistan, Turkish Minister of Economy, Mustafa Elitaş, the Vice-President of  Turkmenistan Council of Ministers, Şamuhammet Durdulyuuew, Turkish Ambassador in Ashgabat, Mustafa Kapucu, DEIK (Strategy and Development Consultancy) President, Ömer Cihat Vardan and TIM (Turkish Exporters’ Council) Vice-President, Mustafa Çıkrıkçıoğlu paid a visit to the fair stand of Dried Fruit Promotion Group.  Nilüfer Örnek, assistant specialist working in Aegean Exporters Association, worked in the fair stand of Dried Fruit Promotion Group.