Dried Fruit Promotion Group Goes On Broadening Its Activities In The Far East

Dried Fruit Promotion Group (KMTG) intensified their promotion activities in Far East markets by participating in two fairs in Far East countries in May, in the framework of its activities to increase Turkish exports of seedless raisins, dried figs, dried apricots and pistachios in which Turkey is the first producer and exporter in the world. 

First, Dried Fruit Promotion Group ensures the promotion of dried fruit and pistachio products by attending SIAL China Fair, held between 05-07 May 2016 in Shanghai, in People’s Republic of China and Seoul Food & Hotel 2016, held between 10-13 May in Seoul/South Korea.

South Korea, the world 13th biggest economy and a model of export-led growth in the world after the Second World War, with a population of 51 million inhabitants and an income per capita of 31 thousand US dollars, is very interested in dried fruit sector as she is in many other sectors.

Together with 26 other Turkish companies participating into the fair at Hall 4, Dried Fruit Promotion Group offered visitors dried fruit to taste.

Osman Öz, Chairman of Turkish Dried Fruit Promotion Group, noted that more than 1100 companies participated into the fair, that South Korea is a big market with a population of 51 million inhabitants and that other Far East countries like China, Japan and Hong Kong were also participating into the Fair Seoul Food & Hotel 2016.

Mr. Öz, recalling that the target of raising the current dried apricot export figure of about 1.4 million US dollars to 3 billion dollars in 2023, said: “To reach this objective, we have to intensify our efforts on new markets without losing European Union market, which is the traditional export market for Turkish dried fruit. This is the reason why the 

Far East is important. South Korea owns an income per capita of 31 thousand US dollars and is the world 13th biggest economy. In the next years, we will bear the fruit of the promotion activities carried out in Far East countries.

The promotion activities in South Korea will further expand during 2016/2017.

Mr. Öz, the chairman of Turkish Dried Fruit Promotion Group, explained that South Korea has been identified as a priority target market by KMTG and added that they will organize promotional activities in South Korea during the period 2016/2017. And Mr Öz concluded with these words :”we will go on with our promotional activities with a PR (Public Relations) company settled in South Korea for the launching of a year-round web site in Korean language, the management of the social media account, activities of in store tasting in the chains of markets in South Korea, cooperation with leading bloggers to increase awareness and create Turkish brand perception, organization of trips in Turkey for food writers-members of press and overall promotional activities with South Korea market research.”

Osman Öz, Chairman of Dried Fruit Promotion Group Dubai, Yalçın Geyik, Member of the Management Board of Dried Fruit Promotion Group and Chief of the Sectorial Promotion Groups of the Aegean Exporters’ Association Gökçe Tola represented Turkey to Seoul Food & Hotel 2016 in Seoul/South Korea and received the visit of Arslan Hakan Okçal, Turkey Ambassador in Seoul, together with the Commercial Counsellor, Alper Atilla.