Fertile agricultural country produces and exports high quality dried figs, raisins, apricots and pistachios. Turkish Dried Fruits are exported to 150 countries Turkish Dried Fruit sector is proud of its high quality products and export experience for more than 100 years.


Turkey is the world’s largest producer and exporter of premium quality and unique taste sultanas, dried figs and dried apricots.

Turkish Dried Fruits exported to more than 150 countries, mainly to the EU countries, the United States and Russian Federation.

Turkish Dried Fruits sector is proud of its quality products and the experience gained over almost a century of export all over the world.

A Major Producer and Exporter of Dried Figs

Annual Average Production: 65.000 MT

Annual Average Export: 55.000 MT

A Major Producer and Exporter of Dried Apricots

Annual Average Production: 130.000 MT

Annual Average Export: 100.000 MT

A Major Producer and Exporter of Turkish Sultanas

Annual Production: 270.000 MT

Annual Export: 220.000 MT

Turkish Dried Fruits sector has the largest dried fruits producing facility in the world and the capacity and flexibility to quickly service customers globally with its unique geographical location.